A Dog’s-Eye View

One of Hendersonville’s goodest girls shares her favorite things to do in and around her hometown

Meet Evie

Hi, I’m Evie, a native North Carolinian – a Tar Heel, through and through. When I was a young wire fox terrier/boxer mix pup, my parents adopted me and took me to spend my puppy-hood in another state, but after 10 long dog years of sad puppy eyes and sitting pretty, I finally convinced them to move us back to my home state, and my tail hasn’t stopped wagging since. There’s nothing like a homecoming.

Growing up, we spent a lot of time outside, which was where I developed a deep love for all things outdoors – running, jumping, fetching, digging, swimming, hiking, even gardening!

When we first moved to Hendersonville, my parents and I made a du-claw-promise to only hike new trails for the first year, so we really got to see some sights.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Nowadays, I also have two human siblings who are fun but are a little loud sometimes, so I’ve continued to relish any time I have outdoors. As a mature woman (I’m planning my 56th birthday celebration at the time of transcribing this article), I don’t get into as much mischief as I used to, and I’ve found a good nap in a sunny spot has become something of a ritual for me.

But when we do get out to explore Hendersonville, there is so much to sniff, it can be hard to decide what to do. On a hot day, I can’t resist going for a swim, so I will typically just check out one of the rivers in the area, but if there’s time for a hike and a swim, my top choice is always Lake Julia at DuPont State Forest. Speaking of hiking, in my younger days, one of my all-time favorite hikes was Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah National Forest, the views were amazing, but it was a grueling 6-mile trek.

These days, my old bones crave something a little easier, like Bearwallow Mountain, where cows graze at the summit and the smells are amazing, or the Perry N Rudnick Nature Trails at the Kellogg Center, where there are plenty of creeks to splash in. For an easier walk at a park, my people love The Park at Flat Rock because of its paved and fine gravel, stroller-friendly trails, and I love it for all the dogs I get to meet. There are a few dog parks nearby too, but paws-down, my favorite has got to be the one at Mills River Park – the other dogs there just can’t keep up with me when I get a case of the zoomies, but they sure do try!

You're going to love it here

 Sometimes, on very special occasions, I get a 1-on-1 day with my mom, and we go for a nice drive to visit Wag! A Unique Pet Boutique in Downtown Hendersonville, where I get to pick out a whole bag full of treats, a fun new toy, and sometimes even a new collar or leash. Downtown is also a really great place to dog-watch, you should see some of the harnesses some dogs will wear when going out to lunch at one of the many restaurants with outdoor patios! Un-bark-leaveable!

I really do love Hendersonville, and I think you will too.

Evie's Top 5 Hendersonville Suggestions

Wag! A Unique Pet Boutique
Evie says: “There are so many choices! Literally every flavor, every scent, every squeaker type, and every collar and leash pattern you could ever wish for. And they sell my favorite mini squeaky tennis balls.”

Evie says: “This place has literally gone to the dogs. 100% of patrons must bring their dog. Plus, there is a lake for swimming, and everything you need for your dog: a place to bathe them, a dog bed, a dog door, everything is fenced in — they thought of everything!”

Mills River Park
Evie says: “This is one of the best dog parks around! There are always friendly dogs, lots of room to run, plus there are walking paths and there’s river access! What more could you need? (Well, cheese, for one thing.)”

DuPont State Recreational Forest
Evie says: “I’m an avid hiker and swimmer, and there are so many trails to choose from here. My personal favorite things here are swimming in Lake Julia and seeing horses. Those things are huge!”

Bold Rock Hard Cider
Evie says: “Most of the cideries, wineries and breweries are dog-friendly, but this one ALWAYS has lots of other dogs, plus there are always kids playing, so you are pretty likely to find a free snack dropped your way.”

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