“Summer Camp” Movie Copycat Itinerary

Experience your own “Summer Camp” getaway in Hendersonville and feel like one of the movie’s stars!

Welcome to Summer Camp!

Summer Camp, starring Diane Keaton, Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodard, Eugene Levy and Josh Peck has turned out to be one of the summer’s most endearing comedies, retelling the story of 3 lifelong friends attending a reunion at their beloved summer camp in the mountains of North Carolina, Camp Pinnacle.

While Camp Pinnacle is an actual kid’s summer camp right here in Flat Rock that has been around for almost 100 years and was the setting for most of the film, it isn’t open to the public. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun camp-like getaway just like the stars did!

(Please note: we tried not to give too much away from the movie, but there may be one or two things in this itinerary that could be considered spoilers. Read at your own risk!)

Checking In Please!

While the swanky cabin that Ginny, Nora & Mary stayed in (decorated by Martha!) might have been a little bit of “movie magic,” you will find some equally swanky accommodations at The Horse Shoe Farm (yup, it used to be a horse farm, just like in the movie!!) Check into your plush lodging, there are options ranging from large houses to small cabins and even single rooms, comparable to a hotel room.  And the best part? You won’t need to turn in your devices – though you may want to turn them off, as you dive headfirst into a few days of relaxation and outdoor immersion.

people crossing the street in front of a big coc-a-cola mural painted on a brick building

Day 1

In the movie, the girls spent a lot of time hanging around the gorgeous Camp Pinnacle property and in its outdated computer lab, and at Horse Shoe Farm, you will find similar places to chill out: the pool, sauna, hot tub, cold plunge tub, swimming lakes, nature trails that lead to the French Broad River, and the communal game room. Spending some time on the property will help you to image yourself right there at your own camp reunion! The Horse Shoe Farm also has The Stable Spa right on-site. You are sure to feel like a celebrity while you are pampered in this energizing space.

Two women relaxing at the spa.

To recreate the cocktail reception scene, head to the restaurant at The Farm, The Silo Cookhouse, where you will enjoy cocktails and a delicious dinner prepared with local ingredients.

After supper, head outside to enjoy a crackling campfire – where you won’t be expected to share your deepest, darkest secrets with someone who looks like Kathy Bates!

pork chop over mashed potatoes on a plate

Day 2

In Summer Camp, Mary loved horseback riding. Those scenes were filmed at Shoal Creek Farm, which offers horse boarding and a small cottage for rent, meaning you can’t actually go there to ride, but you can either drive by Shoal Creek to see some stunning horses on your way to a hike at DuPont State Forest, or if you are itching to ride, you can instead head over to the Turkey Pen Gap Trailhead in Pisgah National Forest and go for a trail ride with Saddle Up Trail Rides. Afterwards, head back to The Farm to relax, or grab a coffee and a light lunch at the nearby Cognative Brew House.

4 people sitting on a rock on top of a mountain at sunset

The whitewater rafting scenes were filmed at a location a few hours from Hendersonville, but the girls were expecting a “lazy river excursion,” so instead of driving all the way to Nantahala, find your own lazy rafting day with Lazy Otter Outfitters, where you can float down the French Broad River, right past the Horse Shoe Farm.


While we can’t promise you a food fight like in the movie, we can promise you a similar dining experience right down the road from Camp Pinnacle at the Campfire Grill, owned by a local former summer camper, this restaurant is completely inspired by the summer camp culture and history of the region – but please, no throwing food! (And hey, on your way to dinner, be sure to drive by Camp Pinnacle to see the same sign from the beginning of the film at the entry to camp!)

Also nearby, the Flat Rock Cinema played home to a reception for the cast and crew when the movie premiered, and houses a signed Summer Camp movie poster!

BONUS! Recommendations from the stars

The actors in the movie loved filming in Hendersonville and Flat Rock! Here are some of the things they loved most about their time spent filming here. Many Hendersonville locals also supported the film as extras on the set, and overwhelmingly, the favorite thing the extras loved was filming the food fight scene!

Appalachian Pinball Museum
What Summer Camp actor Josh Peck said about it in a behind the scenes invterview: “I went to the Appalachian Pinball Museum, which was the sickest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Downtown Hendersonville
What Summer Camp actor Josh Peck said about it in a behind the scenes interview: “Hendersonville was beautiful. They have an adorable downtown.”

Spring flowers and nature
What Summer Camp actress Kathy Bates said about it in a behind the scenes interview: “Hearing the birds. Driving in and every day, we would drive in and there would be more flowers — like they bloomed overnight!

Jump Off Rock
What Summer Camp actress Beverly D’Angelo visited and loved were the amazing views, per an Instagram post shared shortly after filming wrapped.

The Fresh Air and Beauty in Nature
What Summer Camp actress Beverly D’Angelo said about it in a behind the scenes interview: “It’s a beautiful atmosphere, the air is fantastic
! Everywhere you look, you see the beauty in nature. And I think that just has a huge effect – the urgency that you feel, kind of floats away.

Downtown Hendersonville & the Bearfootin’ Bears
What Summer Camp’s younger actresses Kensington Tallman, Taylor Madeline Hand & Audrianna Lico visited and loved (besides the laughs and lifelong friendships they made) was visiting Downtown Hendersonville and seeing the Bearfootin’ Bears Public Art Display, per Instagram posts each of them made. 

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