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Locations in Hendersonville and around Henderson County were used in the filming of one of the movie hits of Summer 2024: “Summer Camp,” a movie starring Diane Keaton, Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodard, Eugene Levy & Josh Peck that is all about how childhood friendships transition into adult friendships, set primarily at Hendersonville’s pristine Camp Pinnacle.

Hendersonville is home to 20 summer camps for kids, and the greater region offers one of the most dense concentrations of summer camps in the country! All of these summer camps help to keep the region green, instill a sense of the importance of the outdoors in the participating kids, and are a special part of the magic of these mountains.

Check out the “Summer Camp” movie trailer, the movie itself, and then come see what all the fuss is about!

Inspired to re-live Summer Camp?

Summer Camp doesn’t have to stop when you grow up. The idea, the intangible essence of what makes attending summer camp as a kid so special sort of informs life around here in Hendersonville. There’s something in the fresh air in Hendersonville, the access to the great outdoors, the fun activities — no matter your age — and the fact that you just know, in your bones, that you are going to make a new friend this summer. To that end, we have created three itineraries for you to choose your own path to relive your summer camp experience (or for the first time, if you never got a chance as a kid), and one to re-live the stars’ experience while filming the movie.

The Adventure Camper

The Glamper

The Almost Camper

or try this movie copycat itinerary!

Want to learn more about kids Summer Camp?

For more than 100 years, Western North Carolina has been a popular place for children to attend summer camp. In fact, there is a higher concentration of camps right here in Hendersonville and the surrounding counties than anywhere else in the world! If you are considering this age-old tradition for your child, there is a good chance that one of Hendersonville’s nearly 20 options is right for your family.

Were You Involved in “Summer Camp” Filming?

If you were involved in the filming of Summer Camp in any way, we invite you to share your story! Click the + button below to complete the form, or if you have any additional items to share with the Henderson County Tourism Development Authority team, please email Melanie Black, Manager of Communications, directly, [email protected].

(Photo used here and at top of page courtesy of Roadside Attractions.)


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If you were involved in the filming of Summer Camp in any way, we invite you to share your story! If you have any additional items to share with the HCTDA team, please email Melanie Black, Manager of Communications directly, [email protected].

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