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Hendersonville’s Story

2022 marked Hendersonville’s 175th Anniversary as a town. All those many years ago, the man who donated the land had one demand: the street must be wide enough to turn a mule cart around (or was it a team of 6 horses? We’ve heard both, we don’t know for sure). This seemingly silly demand quite literally paved the way for Hendersonville’s unique Main Street, with its wide sidewalks and serpentine roadway.

But this is just one tidbit of Hendersonville’s story. The area has been a vacation destination for more than 100 years, historically touting summer camps, Flat Rock’s summer estates for wealthy southerners, as well as restful retreats and high-end hotels, further supported when the steam train made its way to town. You will be fascinated by Hendersonville’s unique culture and rich heritage.

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