All About Apples

The Mighty Apple

Henderson County (of which Hendersonville is the county seat) grows more apples than any other county in the entire state of North Carolina and is actually one of the top 10 apple-growing counties in the entire country. What can we say, we really like apples! But more importantly, they grow really well here. Our cool nights and warm days, paired with great soil make Hendersonville just right for growing apples. They bloom every April, slowly grow all spring and summer long, and then from August through October, they ripen — each variety on a slightly different schedule. Some of the early varieties include honeycrisps and jonagolds, mid-season apples include rome and golden delicious, and the final apples to ripen each year are the pink ladies and Arkansas blacks.

Some of our area’s apple orchards are open for U-pick and others offer roadside stands. (Still more only wholesale their apples, meaning you’ve probably had some of our apples in juice or apple sauce before, but these farms are not open to visitors.) Explore the list below to find the apple grower (or growers) who have just what you are looking for this fall.